Auchterhouse Hill

Auchterhouse Hill


The second highest hill of the Sidlaw range in South East Angus. At 424 metres (1,391 ft), it is classified as a Tump with a relative height of 81 metres. There is an ancient hill fort on the summit.

Auchterhouse Hill is one of many hilltops around the East of Scotland that must have been a defensive outpost at some time in the distant past. It has the distinct remains of hillfort earthworks ringing the summit, most obviously where the main path climbs through the belt of larch trees on the southern side.

Auchterhouse Hill is an ideal starting point for those looking for a walk in the Sidlaws, providing panoramic views over Dundee, The Firth of Tay and beyond into the Kingdom of Fife.

Auchterhouse Hill


North of Kirkton of Auchterhouse
South Angus

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