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Shed 35

Shed 35 beers


Shed 35 Brewery was established in early 2016, a craft brewery that began at the bottom of the garden. Passionate about creating delicious ales we based in Carnoustie on the east coast of Scotland and are still using the same perfected craft recipes, techniques, and fresh ingredients as we expand our range beyond the Shed.

We officially set up shop (shed!) in late 2016 and so we’re still pretty much the new kids on the block but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to make some good beer.

Deciding to make our hobby of ale brewing something that we could really get behind, so we started our own company and named it after the birthplace of our first product and Carnoustie’s local craft ale brewery was born.

Shed 35 products can be purchased online and at local Farmers Markets.

Shed 35


Chapman Drive