Glen Markie, Glen Isla and The Cateran Trail

Route Key

TR Turn Right SO Straight On T T Junction RBT Roundabout SP Sign Post TL Turn Left Y Y Junction X Crossroads TFL Traffic Lights

Route Description

From Freuchies car park, cycle up Glen Markie following the road to Glen Markie Lodge – a big white building. Continue past the Lodge in a NW direction to a gate on the main track. Continue downhill in a NW direction for around 1.5km and then uphill for another 1km to the ‘4 ways’ junction. Take the SW track which is almost level in elevation west of the ‘Crock’.

After the next small climb it’s downhill all the way from there but beware of a gate across the track near Tulloch. Continue downhill with Loch Shandra on your right hand side until you come to a gate which is level with the end of the Loch. Go through the gates and cycle past the southern edge of the Loch until you reach a boat shed.

From there follow the ‘Cateran Trail’ markers up and down hill before a steep pull up and then cycle SE for a distance before a 90 Degree right hand bend. Continue downhill in a SE direction emerging at the farm. Go through the farm for a short distance and turn left regaining the Glen Markie road to your starting place.

Route Specific Information:

  • Ground nesting birds – please stick to the promoted trail.
  • This is a working forest. Please check before riding route.
  • Please take care to avoid disturbing livestock and be vigilant and courteous while proceeding through farms and near buildings.

Starting Point

Freuchies car park, Kirkton of Glenisla

Trail Type

Mountain Bike






Intermediate (Blue)

Route Map

GlenIsla Map