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Mah Hoos Brewing Co

Mah Hoos Brewing Co


Mah Hoos Brewing Co brew beers you’d drink in the hoos.

Run by two dudes, Terry and Brian, with a shared passion for sharing great beer, their mantra is if you are gonna have a beer, make sure its a good one with nae nonsense in it!

They use ingredients from around Scotland to make their versions of IPAs, Stouts, German styles and Sours.

Mah Hoos Brewing has an online shop located on their website. There you’ll find a link to all of their beers which can be shipped or delivered locally.

They regularly sell out and will normally announce when your favourite beer is in stock again. This is how you know its fresh!

They also distribute to can and bottle shops around Angus, Tayside and Fife.

Mah Hoos Brewing Co