Bon Scott

(1946- 1980) 

Bon Scott is widely acknowledged as one of the wild men of rock music but it is less well-known that the leather-clad lead singer of Australia's most famous rock band was brought up in the Angus town of Kirriemuir. Born in 1946, Ronald loved the sound of the drums and hammered out rhythms on his mum's bread board and biscuit tins. When Ronald was aged 6, his family emigrated to Australia. 

Ronald quickly settled in at school in Melbourne, where he acquired a new name - Bon (as in Bonnie Scotland) Scott. He also acquired a new hobby - playing the bagpipes. After falling into trouble and a spell in a detention centre, Bon vowed he would never fall out of line again. 

Bon Scott put all his energies into music, playing drums and singing with several Australian bands. Then, in 1974, Bon met two other Scottish ex-pats who were making their names in the Australian rock world - Angus and Malcolm Young of up and coming rock band, ACDC. Fame and fortune followed and in 1980 Bon Scott tragically died of alcohol poisoning. 

Visit the Bon Scott statue in Kirriemuir, installed in 2016 to commemorate Bon Scott.