The Caterthuns (Brown and White)

Brown and White Caterthuns, Angus


The Brown and White Caterthuns are a pair of large hill forts on adjacent hills overlooking Strathmore. Both are enclosed by a series of earthworks, and it is likely they served both as military and ceremonial centres.

The Brown Caterthun is defended by four earth ramparts and ditches, and the White has a massive stone rampart, a ditch and outer ramparts.



The Caterthuns (Brown and White)


About 5 miles east of the village of Inchbare off the B966 Brechin to Edzell Road.
There is a parking bay at the foot of the White Caterthun for a few cars.
Grid references – NO 555 668 and NO 547 660.


Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly

Dogs are welcome at this outdoor location.

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