Seaton Cliffs

Seaton Cliffs, Arbroath


Arbroath’s Seaton Cliffs starts at the east end of Victoria Park, where the path winds up above the Arbroath cliffs and levels out to provide a path along the coastline. On one side are open fields, and on the other the open sea!  The path is quite close to the edge of the cliffs at times, so be careful.

Seaton Cliffs have a number of fascinating rock formations such as The Deil’s Heid, and Needles E’e.

The different stages in the evolution of rocky coastlines can also be seen. Faults and joints erode to form everything from minor gashes to large caves (Mason’s Cave). You can see phases of cave collapse from roof blowholes (caused by compressed air during storms), collapsed cave roofs (Gaylet Pot) and natural arches. Complete roof collapse has formed elongate clefts, called ‘geos’ (Dickmont’s Den), and secluded coves.

From the car park at the end of Victoria Park, it is possible to follow a three mile (5km) nature trail to the picturesque village of Auchmithie set atop the cliffs.

Seaton Cliffs



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