Rocks of Solitude

Rocks of Solitude, Edzell


Rocks of Solitude are located at the River North Esk, north of Edzell.

This is a popular salmon fishing area, and a great spot to watch the salmon jumping upstream.

You enter at a conspicuous blue door, which leads through to the burnside woodland walk.

The beautifully constructed path, hacked out of the rock by Napoleonic prisoners of war, generally keeps above the river gorge; there are smaller paths down to fishing beats, but the main path is pretty obvious.

The woods above teem with wildlife and birdsong, the North Esk crashes wildly through the rocks below. This is a salmon river, and its value to Victorian and Edwardian sportsmen is marked by the salmon sculpture on the rather beautiful ruined bridge.

It’s just over 2.6k before the path leads you to a blue door set in a wall. It’s a little low door – rather hobbit like. Pop out through the blue door and suddenly you find yourself back in the real world.



Rocks of Solitude



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