Mayar, Glen Doll, Angus


The most southerly hill of the Mounth plateau in Angus, Mayar rises to a height of 928m (3,045 feet).  The flanks are covered in coniferous forests.

The shape of Mayar is difficult to define as it is effectively a summit on the south-east edge of a high moorland plateau. Its north-west slopes are consequently gentle as are the north-east, for about 1km from the summit, then the ground falls away with crags overlooking Glen Doll.

There is an access route through the crags south south-east of the Fee Burn waterfall. South and east of the summit the slopes are moderate to steep with some crags, and to the east gentle slopes lead down to the main access path on the Shank of Drumfollow and to a narrow col connecting to Driesh.

For many hillwalkers the neighbouring peaks of Mayar and Driesh are ticked off early on in the pursuit of high ground. But the pair have a lot more to offer besides the breaking in of boots.

Sitting at the head of Glen Clova, they possess prominent vantage points from where a panorama of rolling upland scenery unfolds, with views beyond the Sidlaws to the Lomond Hills in Fife and, to the north, Lochnagar.

The name originates from the Gaelic word “m’aighear” meaning “my delight”, or “magh” meaning “plain”.



Mounth Plateau

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