Loch Brandy

Loch Brandy, Glen Clova


A small loch in Angus, Loch Brandy is located nearly 610m (2,000 feet) above sea level on the western slopes of the Green Hill above Glen Clova.

Before you lies a deep pool of dark water snuggling in the curving arms of rock which rise up dramatically from the quiet shores.  It’s a good spot for a paddle, but remember the water is deep in the middle and likely to be pretty chilly, even in the heat of the summer.

Loch Brandy is a superb example of a mountain corrie, backed by craggy slopes and cradling a perfect loch.  Although it is relatively small, the fact it is a type of loch-hill makes it much more attractive, but the great thing is that the entire area around Loch Brandy creates a tremendous landscape.

It is said to be the only site in Scotland where a very rare and tiny water creature called the diatom is to be found. It is bright orange in colour.

Loch Brandy


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