Kinpurney Hill

Kinpurney Hill


Kinpurney Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks in Angus.  The monument is the remains of a hillfort, dating probably to the Iron Age (between about 800 BC and 500 AD). It comprises a single rampart and ditch enclosing a sub-oval area of 6.6ha on the summit of Kinpurney Hill.

The rampart and ditch are visible for most of the circuit, except on the south side where there is a natural steep slope, and in the west where there is a break for the single entrance. The rampart stands up to 2m high maximum, but is generally much lower, and the ditch is visible as a narrow terrace. A roofless tower, built in 1774 and used as an observatory, stands within the fort interior.

The monument is situated on top of Kinpurney Hill, which forms part of the Sidlaw Hills, at around 345m above sea level. The site has extensive views in all directions and is prominent in the surrounding landscape. The monument was first scheduled in 1972, but the documentation did not meet modern standards: the present amendment rectifies this.

Kinpurney Hill



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