Carlingheugh Bay (The Flairs)

Carlingheugh Bay, Arbroath


Carlingheugh Bay, (commonly known in Arbroath as The Flairs), is located to the north east of Arbroath at the northern end of the Seaton Cliffs Nature Trail.

Overlooked by red sandstone cliffs, the bay’s raised beach was once the site of a small settlement. At the head of the bay are remnants of an old boathouse and in former times the fisherwomen of nearby Auchmithie came here to collect seaweed.  At the southern end of the bay is a rock feature known as the Three Sisters.

There is a magnificent walk from the far end of Victoria Park in Arbroath along the cliff-top path to Auchmithie via The Flairs. The red sandstone formations by the shore are something to behold and with the sea and the various inlets and bits of beach on one side and the fields on the other it is simply beautiful. On a clear day you can see right out to the Bell Rock Lighthouse and the amount of birdlife around the cliffs is phenomenal.

Please be careful in high winds, particularly if there is a strong offshore wind, and stay away from the cliff edge.

Carlingheugh Bay (The Flairs)



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