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Tillygloom Farm

Tillygloom Farm


Tillygloom is a small traditional family farm which is situated on the outskirts of Brechin.

In 1998, Johnny and Fiona Watson started their free range egg enterprise with 12 hens and sold the eggs at the back door of the farmhouse.

As demand grew, they decided to relocate the egg sales to the end of the farm road in order to catch the passing trade and sell their produce in a practical but novel way by introducing their vending machine.

As well as their free range eggs, they sell duck eggs, tatties, neeps, home baking and other seasonal produce.

Tillygloom Farm supply a number of local shops including Gourmet Grocer at 29, Partytime, Dennis and Trinity Garden Centre, all in nearby Brechin.

Tillygloom Farm


Tillygloom Farm