Star Rock Shop

Star Rock Shop, Kirriemuir


Star Rock Shop is the oldest sweet shop in Scotland, continuously been producing rock for the past 187 years from the same premises.

The Star Rock that is made here is from the original recipe created by a mason who was blinded and had to change jobs in 1833 – it was in his family for over 120 years and then the recipes have been passed on with each new owner since.

Star Rock is made on the premises in various flavours, the main original rock is a light lemon. You can also find horehound, treacle toffee, tablet, fudge and the wee Kirrie secret of Cream Rock.

The shop used to supply star rock to JM Barrie and send it to London when he moved, it has also been presented to the Queen and HRH Princess Mary.

Star Rock Shop


25 Roods,

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