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St Marnock’s Church – Angus Doors Open Days 2023

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September
11am to 4pm

St Marnock’s Church


2 Kirk Road

Booking is not required for this venue.

Doors Open Days 2023

Event Details

A House of Prayer has stood on this site from about 1150. The church as it now stands was built in 1453.

The church contains unique Pre-Reformation paintings of national significance being amongst the earliest known paintings in Scotland. The Panel Painting of the Crucifixion is unique and over 500 years old. It measures 13 feet by 5 feet. There are other smaller panels, one featuring Saints and Apostles and another with John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene. They are all painted in so-called tempera on oak boards.

There is an aumbry, or sacrament-house where sacred vessels were kept. This is one of the finest of its kind in the country.

The exterior of the building still has visible Mason’s Marks. It was by this mark that masons were paid. The bell in the small belfry is dated 1508.

The church is currently open for a service on the first Sunday of each month, but, like many churches, it has been scheduled for closure by the Presbytery of Dundee.

Visit the church during Doors Open Days to see the many unique features and hear about the plans for a possible conversion of the church into some form of cultural and artistic venue available for the public to see and enjoy.

Members of the congregation and local people will be in attendance to explain the features and answer questions. There are free leaflets explaining much of the detail of the interior of the church.

Booking is not required for this venue.


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