Scavenger Hunt

There is so much to discover in Angus. Can you find the things listed on our family-friendly Scavenger Hunt? There’s everything from trains and planes to statues and ducks!

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How many can you find on your travels?


  • The Round ‘O’ on Arbroath Abbey
  • A sign for an Arbroath Smokie
  • Boats docked at Arbroath Harbour
Arbroath Abbey


  • Brechin Cathedral and Round Tower
  • Sir Robert Watson Watt statue
  • Caledonian Railway train station


  • Carnoustie Championship golf course
  • The sandy beach
  • The ‘Dibble Tree’ on Ferrier Street
Golf Ball


  • A Forfar Bridie
  • A cobbled street
  • Ducks swimming in the loch


  • A piece of Star Rock
  • Engraved paving stones at Cumberland Close
  • Statue of Peter Pan
Peter Pan Statue


  • Statue of famous war dog Bamse
  • A replica Spitfire plane
  • Scurdie Ness lighthouse
Scurdie Ness


  • The Blue Seaway park
  • A train going through the station
  • Pictish Stones at St Rules Church
Pictish Stone