Ogilvy Spirits

Ogilvy Visitor Centre, Glamis


Hatton of Ogilvy is a family farm and has been for four generations since 1910.

The seed for Ogilvy potato vodka was sown some years ago amid thoughts of diversification and a desire to pursue something new. One winter’s night, Graeme started researching potato vodka, which eventually led to a call to the brewing and distilling boffins at Heriot-Watt University. Before too long, the Ogilvy Farm tattie trials were underway.

Ogilvy’s potatoes grow a short tractor ride from where they’re transformed into vodka. Everything is undertaken on the family farm to form a small-batch local liquor of international quality. The singular spirit is warm and welcoming, smooth and sweet. Its neutral essence makes it a great option for cocktails and a natural choice for the gluten-intolerant.

Experience first-hand the ground to glass Single-Estate vodka with a tour of Ogilvy Distillery.

Jump on the Tattie Box Tours trailer and go behind the scenes where you’ll be guided through the potato and vodka production. Learn how the spirit is made from scratch, using farm grown potatoes and see where Ogilvy cook, ferment and distil their vodka.

Your tour will complete with a tasting of award winning vodka.

Visitors must be 16 or over.  Any 16/17 year olds must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over, and will not be permitted to sample any alcohol.  A soft drink is included in the ticket price.

Check the booking site for availability.

Ogilvy Spirits


Hatton of Ogilvy Farm
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