Mountain Biking

Enjoy exploring Angus on two wheels by following the suggested mountain bike routes below. These cards have been produced by Angus Cycle Hub members, riders, volunteers, landowners and local businesses in the Angus area.

Mountain Biking Tips

When mountain biking in Angus, please follow this advice:

  • Let path users know you are coming as early as possible
  • Slow down for other path users
  • Take care and watch your speed on blind corners/dips
  • Respect wildlife and environment – leave it as you find it
  • If the route looks wet and fragile please go slowly (or walk) and stick to the line of the track
  • Follow ‘Route Specific” instructions highlight on the card
  • Route description may change so be flexible with your plans and be ready to use alternative routes
  • We recommend you use an Ordnance Survey map to help if you make a wrong turn
  • Check the weather – take appropriate equipment

Whilst Angus Council have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, they cannot be held responsible for any changes that may take place on the routes, any errors in the route cards, nor for any accidents or injuries sustained whilst following the routes. Cyclists must take personal responsibility for their own safety. We acknowledge the support of Angus Cycling Club in supplying the routes described on these cards and also the support of CTC Tayside in supplying photographs.

Grade: Easy (Green)
Length: 14km
Height: 60m
Grade: Easy (Green)
Length: 4km
Height: 58m
Grade: Easy (Green)
Length: 8km
Height: 40m
am arbroath
Grade: Intermediate (Blue)
Length: 24km
Height: 154m
clova s
Grade: Intermediate (Blue)
Length: 8km
Height: 210m
Grade: Difficult (Red)
Length: 14.5km
Height: 402m
Grade: Intermediate (Blue)
Length: 11.5km
Height: 170m
IMG  v
Grade: Intermediate (Blue)
Length: 12km
Height: 210m
Glen Doll
Grade: Difficult (Red)
Length: 24.5km
Height: 885m
Grade: Intermediate (Blue)
Length: 16km
Height: 466m