Montrose has been recognised as an Honorary Quidditch Town in celebration of the new book, Quidditch Through The Ages Illustrated Edition – an essential companion to the Harry Potter series and guide on the wizard’s favourite sport.

To mark the release of Quidditch Through The Ages Illustrated Edition, written by J.K  Rowling and illustrated by Emily Gravett, Bloomsbury Publishing presented The Provost of Angus, Ronnie Proctor MBE, with a decorative banner featuring gold Quidditch hoops celebrating the town’s fictitious Quidditch team, Montrose Magpies.

Quidditch Through The Ages, Montrose, 5th October 2020

Montrose Magpies feature in the wizarding world’s Quidditch league and the banner also bears the town’s Quidditch team crest, a sleek design with a black and white magpie.

Following the presentation at Montrose Basin, the banner was transported to the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s visitor centre, the starting point to explore the enclosed estuary of the River South Esk, home to 80,000 migratory birds – including pink-footed geese, Artic terns, knots and sedge warblers.

In total eleven towns and villages across the UK and Ireland, from Appleby to Wigtown, Ballycastle to Wimborne, are being honoured in celebration of the new book.

The eleven honorary Quidditch towns receiving the banners are:

Appleby (Appleby Arrows)

Ballycastle (Ballycastle Bats)

Caerphilly (Caerphilly Catapults)

Falmouth (Falmouth Falcons)

Holyhead (Holyhead Harpies)

Kenmare (Kenmare Kestrels)

Montrose (Montrose Magpies)

Portree (Pride of Portree)

Tutshill (Tutshill Tornados)

Wigtown (Wigtown Wanderers)

Wimborne (Wimborne Wasps)

Two fictitious Quidditch towns are also being honoured – Chudley Cannons and Puddlemere United. Quidditch fans can pledge their virtual allegiance to any of the thirteen teams by visiting the official Harry Potter fan club, Wizarding World, to view the banners and uncover more information about each Honorary Quidditch Town.

Montrose Basin

A spokesperson from Bloomsbury Publishing said: “We’re really proud to recognise Montrose as an Honorary Quidditch Town alongside ten other towns and villages across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Quidditch captured the imaginations of children and adults across the world, and the new book Quidditch Through the Ages, beautifully illustrated by Emily Gravett, is a magical companion for those who want to immerse themselves in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.”

Bloomsbury Publishing has also delivered activity packs to local shops to ensure that everyone can celebrate their Honorary Quidditch Town status.

In these challenging times, people planning a visit to Montrose or any of the Honorary Quidditch Towns should check the guidelines and rules of the government, local authorities and specific tourism attraction before making the trip.

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