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Lunan Bay Farm is a field to fork business based on our farm at Lunan Bay, Angus in Scotland. Founded by farmer Neil McEwan, Myreside Farms Produce rear free range pedigree Scottish goat meat, asparagus and other niche products with provenance. Since the early 1900s, Neil’s family have been farming mostly arable crops and cattle. In Oct 2016, Neil diversified into South African Boer goats and Scottish Cashmere Goats, mainly because he fell in love with the breeds and was looking to adopt a more sustainable, mixed approach to farming.

As part of Neil’s new approach on the farm, which includes growing niche products such as asparagus and honeyberries, Neil wanted to introduce ethically reared livestock to complete his agrarian system. After lots of research, he opted for South African Boer Goats and Scottish Cashmere Goats, breeds developed specifically for meat production. His flock of Boers and Cashmere goats are free range and naturally forage on grass and shrubs on the fertile, coastal land near Lunan Bay in Angus. Boer goats like the luxury of a warm shelter in the evenings, so all of Neil’s goats have their own custom-made shelters which they can come and go as they please all the time.

Neil is currently working with world renowned goat experts, Geof and Celia Burnett-Smith, who are sharing their wealth of expertise to ensure highest standards of Boer goat welfare and husbandry, and that ultimately create the best quality Scottish Boer meat.

Myreside Farms Produce’s goat meat is available all year round, and our asparagus is available from May-June.

Our produce can be purchased from the farm gate, online for local and UK wide home delivery, at Angus Farmers Markets in Forfar and Montrose, and at Arbroath Farmers Market. Our goat meat can be enjoyed at El Tajin, Mexican restaurant in Montrose, too.

Lunan Bay Farm


Lunan Bay Farm,
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