How well do you know Angus?

Test your local knowledge with our Visit Angus quiz questions.

Answers can be found at the bottom of the page.


  1. What local delicacy is Arbroath famous for?
  2. Glamis Castle is said to be the legendary setting for which Shakespeare play?
  3. Sir JM Barrie is the author of Peter Pan. In what town is his body laid to rest?
  4. The Open Championship last returned to Carnoustie in what year?
  5. What dual carriageway connects Dundee and Arbroath?
  6. Name the lead singer of AC/DC who grew up in Kirriemuir before emigrating to Australia at age 6.
  7. Scottish mountains over a certain height are known as Munros. How many feet high does a Munro have to be to qualify as a Munro?
  8. The Bell Rock lighthouse is situated how many miles off the coast of Arbroath?
  9. Brechin born Sir Robert Watson Watt, made the ground-breaking discoveries which led to the invention of what?
  10. The Forfar Bridie is a meat and onion pasty not to be missed. It has been produced in the historic market town of Forfar since which century?
  11. Name two country parks located in Angus.
  12. What is the largest town in Angus?
  13. Where in Angus can you see a replica Spitfire?
  14. Where in Angus can you see pink footed geese?
  15. Name the two railway stations on the Caledonian Railway line.
  16. In what year was the Declaration of Arbroath was signed?
  17. In which Angus town can you visit The Moon?
  18. How many Glens are there in Angus?
  19. The county of Angus was previously known as what?
  20. Soyaux in France is twinned with which Angus town?
Glen Clova


  1. Arbroath Smokie
  2. Macbeth
  3. Kirriemuir
  4. 2018
  5. A92
  6. Bon Scott
  7. 3,000 feet
  8. 11 miles
  9. Radar technology
  10. 19th century
  11. Monikie, Crombie, Forfar Loch
  12. Arbroath
  13. Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre
  14. Montrose Basin
  15. Brechin and Bridge of Dun
  16. 1320
  17. Kirriemuir
  18. Six – Glen Clova, Glen Isla, Glen Esk, Glen Lethnot and Glen Prosen, Glen Doll
  19. Forfarshire
  20. Monifieth

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