Walking Route 09 – Glen Moy

Route Description

Follow the road towards the farm buildings at Glen Moy ignoring a turning to left. The road becomes a track passing farm buildings and then goes through a gate into open grassland.

The track comes to a bridge, cross the bridge and pass a ruined cottage on the right. Partway up the hill opposite another ruined house is visible, the track makes its way up to this. At the ruin there is a crossroads, take a right here.

The track remains low in the glen following a burn for a time before heading into the narrow a valley between Toardy Hill and Craig Hill. Go through a gate at an electric fence and continue to follow the track as it heads downhill.

Ignore a turning to the left. Not far from this is a turning to the right heading uphill, take this right turn and ascend the hill. At the top there is a view down to Angus and across to the hills at Glen Clova.

The track heads downhill. Where it forks, take the right turn and continue to descend.

Watch out for a turning to the right which goes down to a gate, take this turning and go through the gate. The fence here is electrified. Follow the track as it drops to a burn and go through another gate the track going steeply uphill on the other side.

Follow the track as it goes through grassland and passes some remains of walls, curving round to a cottage. Pass the cottage and continue on the track soon reaching a gate. Go through the gate to reach the road, turn right and cross the bridge to return to the car park.

Points of interest around this route include Redwings Mountains Horse Sanctuary.

Starting Point

End of the Glen Moy road

Trail Type



10km / 6.5 miles



Approximate Time

2-3 hours

Route Map

Walking Route 9 - Glen Moy