Food Charter

Angus is an area renowned for its rich bounty of food and drink. Iconic foods such as Arbroath Smokies, Forfar Bridies, Aberdeen Angus beef and soft fruit are known the world over. But what the area can offer goes much further than that, with crops grown in some of the most fertile land in the country, artisan gin and vodka producers, handmade chocolate, preserves and much more.

The Taste of Angus Food Charter enables businesses, groups and individuals to make a ‘pledge’ to support local food and drink.

Everyone who makes a pledge has agreed to do something to work towards the objective of the Charter.

Charter Objectives

•    Strengthening the Local Economy
•    Strong Community Food Culture
•    Environmental Sustainability
•    Good Food for all

A Taste of Angus Charter Badge

Look out for the Taste of Angus Charter logo when you are in cafes, restaurants and shops – the quality mark for keeping it local!

Taste of Angus Pledge

I source locally wherever I can, including locally reared pigs for my hog roast. I think it's important to let people know where their food comes from so that they are assured that they are getting a good quality product that tastes great. Street food is a huge trend at the moment, and I'm proud to make Angus a part of it.

We are so lucky to live in an area and country that has many fabulous food and drink producers and retailers. We use local producers and suppliers where possible. Our takeaway containers are compostable and we send our compostable waste to the local allotments. We are happy to talk with people about the food or drink that they are eating in the cafe and where it comes from and point people in the direction of suppliers of the great local produce that is available.