Cat Law

Cat Law, Angus, Scotland


A hill within the Braes of Angus, Cat Law rises to 671m (2,201 feet) between Glen Prosen and Glen Isla, six miles (10 km) north-west of Kirriemuir. Its height qualifies it as a Graham.

Standing above the juncture where Glen Prosen emerges from the hills to meet the flat agricultural plains of Strathmore, the gently rounded slopes of Cat Law rise to a fine viewpoint, proffering vistas over both Highlands and Lowlands.

A track from Knowehead of Auldallan to the south-east of the hill leads almost all the way to the top.

The summit was, in the past, crowned with a mighty cairn, like that which stands on St Arnold’s Seat, across the valley to the east and, while it has been largely dismantled, its exact purpose remains a mystery.

Cat Law


Between Glen Prosen and Glen Isla
Angus Glens

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