Carnoustie to Forfar

Route Key

TR Turn Right SO Straight On T T Junction RBT Roundabout SP Sign Post TL Turn Left Y Y Junction X Crossroads TFL Traffic Lights

Route Description

Starting at the Aboukir Hotel, follow the Arbroath Road for 0.6km/0.4m and TL onto Westhaven Road. At the X, after 0.8km/0.5m, go SO. After 1km/0.6m, TR at the T, SP for Arbroath onto the A930. At the X, after 1km/0.6m, go SO onto the B9128.

After 7.5km/4.7m, TL at the X, SP for Inverarity onto the B9127. At the X, after 1.8km/1.1m, go SO, SP for Inverarity. Continue for 2.7km/1.7m and TR at the X, SP for Forfar. After 4km/2.5m, at the T, TL at SP for Forfar. TR at next SP for Forfar, 1km/0.6m on.

After 3.5km/2.2m, at the T, TR into St James Road. Continue for 200 metres and at the mini RBT, take the second exit into Coutties Wynd. At the T, TL onto East High Street. Go SO at the TFL and after 1km/0.6m, TL into Westfield Loan. Continue up Westfield Loan and TR at the T onto Dundee Road.

After 1.8km/1.1m, TL at Lochlands Garden Centre, SP for Lour. At the sharp left bend, TR onto cycle path down to the dual carriageway. Continue on cycle path next to the dual carriageway and then bear left onto the B9127 to Whigstreet. After 7km/4.5m, at the X, TR SP for Wellbank. Go SO at the X after 2.7km/1.7m. After 2.4km/1.5m, TR at the T by East Skichen Farm. TL at the T after 2.5km/1.6m. TR at the X after 2km/1.2m, SP for Carnoustie onto the B9128. Follow the B9128 for 7.5km/4.7m back to the Aboukir Hotel.

Points of interest on this route include views of the Angus Glens, views of the Tay Estuary, the Meffan Museum, Forfar Loch Country Park and Crombie Country Park.

OS Map
54 (Dundee & Montrose)

Starting Point

The Aboukir Hotel

Trail Type






Approximate Time

4-5 hours

Route Map