Walking Route 07 – Carmyllie Circular Trail

Route Description

From Milton Haugh, cross the road and head to the left passing in front of some farm buildings. At the end of these, turn right down a track that goes between the farm buildings and a house passing a cottage on the right and coming out onto a road.

Turn right here heading up the road towards the church. Pass the church, remaining on the road. At the end of the road turn left and then just a short distance along turn right following the road. Stay on the road as it bends to the left and then to the right ignoring other turnings to head down to the end of the road, a quarry in view opposite across the fields.

Turn left and follow the road passing a few houses and some farm buildings at West Laverockhall. Another cottage is passed and just after the road bends to the left. Further along the road there is a farm track on the left signposted as a path to Graystone, take this track following it down to a ruin and a barn.

Pass the barn and remain on the track as it bends to the left towards some trees. A grassy path to the left heads into the trees, follow this track which soon emerges out of the trees with Graystone now in view.

A grassy track leads to Graystone, turn left onto the road and follow this through the village ignoring a turn to the left to head straight on the road bending to the right and the left between buildings before coming out onto the road.

Turn left here heading up to the Mains of Carmyllie Farmhouse and follow the road past the farm and several houses. Take a right onto a road signposted for Carmyllie Church, this is the road on the outward route, and follow the road back down passed the church taking a left at the white cottage to go back through the farm to return to the start.

Points of interest around this route include Newton Farm, Crombie Country Park, Monikie Country Park and Forbes of Kingennie.

Please note – During times of heavy rainfall, there is the possibility of a lot of water lying 0.5 miles North-East of Greystone making this part of the route impassable.

Starting Point

Milton Haugh Farm and Coffee Shop

Trail Type



7.5km / 4.7 miles



Approximate Time

1-2 hours

Route Map

Walking Route 7 - Carmyllie Circular Trail