Angus Doors Open Days 2022

Brechin Cathedral

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 September
10am to 4pm


Church Lane

Booking is not required for this venue.


Brechin owes its origins to the medieval Cathedral, the oldest building in the Burgh, and the Celtic monastery which preceded it. Recent research points to a somewhat earlier date to the Cathedral’s foundations in that a Pictish hermit called Dubhoc or Duthoc seems to have had an anchorite cell on or near the current site around the late 6th or early 7th centuries.

Brechin was the mother church of the provinces of Angus and Mearns, a centre from which the Culdee monks went out to minister to the local communities. The Cathedral houses an important collection of early medieval sculpture created for this early monastic community. The St Mary’s Stone, dug up in a garden near the Cathedral in the 18th century, is one of very few Scottish sculptures of early date with a Latin inscription. It shows St Mary and the infant Christ surrounded by figures of the Evangelists. The extraordinary hogback, of unique form, found re-used in the Cathedral graveyard, has ornament in the Norse Ringerike style. Both these stones may be 11th century in date, as is the Round Tower, whose masonry and elaborately carved doorway are among the finest of any of this class of monument.

The cathedral was originally dedicated to the Holy Trinity and this is commemorated in the Coat of Arms of the town which has a gold shield with three red rays converging at a point near the base.

Visit the cathedral during Doors Open Days to look around this historic building. A talk will take place at 12 noon and 2.30pm both days.

Booking is not required.

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