Walking Route 01 – Blue Door Walk, Edzell


Due to recent storms, the Blue Door Walk is littered with fallen trees and the path is blocked at a number of points. The path is currently unsuitable for young children and prams.

Visitors should enter with caution and avoid areas where there are hanging trees and where the side of the gorge is unstable. Visitors enter at their own risk. 

Route Description

From the layby at Gannochy Bridge, head through the blue door and take a path to the left which follows the edge of the gorge. There are some steep drops so care needs to be taken when walking with dogs or young children.

At another fork where there is a bench on the bank above, keep to the left on a lower path. Ignore any paths down to the fishing pools. The path descends to a bridge over a burn, cross the bridge and follow the path which remains close to the edge of the gorge. The path opens out into a clearing with a view to Burn House visible through the trees. There is a tree stump here and to the left of this the gorge path descends slightly before rising up again to a broader path through the woods.

To the left of the path a line of concrete fence posts appear – stick to the right of these to avoid the steep drop-offs passing the remains of a bridge across the river. The fence posts end and the wide track continues through the trees the going becoming easier for a short while. The path curves to the right heading towards a small stone bridge, cross the bridge and take the path to the left to return to the side of the gorge.

The path turns sharp right on to a wooden walkway creating a safe path across an eroded section of path to a bridge across another burn. Where the track forks, take the left track to follow the river. Further on the track opens out, again take the path to the left descending down.

The path runs alongside the steep rock sides of the gorge, passing another seat and going between two rock walls. Beyond these take a path to the right which heads up away from the river soon reaching the road. Turn right onto the road. Keep following the road passing Glen Esk Caravan Park and several entrances to Burn House until reaching the end of the road. Turn right to pass the main entrance to Burn House and return to the start.

Points of interest around this route include the Dalhousie Arch, Inglis Memorial Hall & Library, Panmure Arms Hotel, Edzell Castle and Gardens and the Brown and White Caterthuns.

Starting Point

Layby on the north side of Gannochy Bridge

Trail Type



4.7km / 3 miles



Approximate Time

1-2 hours

Route Map

Walking Route 1 - Blue Door Walk, Edzell