Arbroath Smokie Recipes

Arbroath Smokies are a versatile food and can be used in a number of dishes. Take a look at the recipes below and try them out for yourselves.

Here are some top tips for cooking with Arbroath Smokies to get you started:

  • Use salt sparingly as the Smokies have already been salted
  • If butter is required, make sure to use unsalted butter
  • If stock cubes are required, try to use low salt options
Stuart's Smokie Fishcakes
A tasty recipe from Arbroath Smokies Direct, great served with beans!
Arbroath Smokie Risotto
A delicious and light meal from WeeCOOK
Salmon and Smokie Fishcakes
Tasty fishcakes, best served with a lemon butter sauce
Arbroath Smokie Cullen Skink
Easy to prepare, and even easier to enjoy
Fishcakes with Mango & Avacado Salsa
Smokie fishcakes with a lovely sharp salsa to accompany
Jamaican Smokie Fritters
A tasty twist on a traditional favourite
Smokie, Leek and Camembert Quiche
Arbroath Smokies presented in a delicious quiche