Angus Doors Open Days 2022

Arbroath Royal Observer Corps Post Museum

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 September
Pre-booked tours only – Directions and tour times will be given when booking



Directions and tour times will be given when booking

Pre-booked tours only – call or email to book.


This museum is a relic of the Cold War when the volunteers of the former Royal Observer Corps trained to monitor instruments that would alert the public and transmit vital readings to their Headquarters throughout the country should a nuclear attack have taken place.

A guided tour will take you 15 feet down a vertical ladder to the underground Monitoring Room where a detailed talk is given on the Operational Procedures at that time. Now that the Cold War Era is history, we can talk about the important role of the Royal Observer Corps and reveal the fully equipped underground bunker as it was.

Above ground an introductory talk will be given about the two important roles of the ROC during WW11 and The Cold War. Also above ground is an exhibition room housing memorabilia. The tour includes the Royal Observer Corp’s first role of identifying and reporting aircraft during WW11 with instruments of the day demonstrated by the team.

A good level of health and fitness is required for those going underground to negotiate the 15 feet vertical ladder. Children must be 10 or older and accompanied by an adult.

Pre-booked tours only. For more information, or to book, contact Cheryl on 07791 395976 or