Any time of year is the perfect time of year to watch wildlife in Angus. Not only is Angus home to the most amazing range of native Scottish species you could hope to see, the places they call home are amongst some of the most beautiful Scotland has to offer.

Winter is as good a time as any to enjoy a spot wildlife watching in Angus. Sometimes it’s right under your nose and at times you have to look that little bit harder… all part of the fun.

A glorious coastline ready for exploring

During the winter months enjoy exploring the golden sands, rocky headlands, ancient cliffs and awe inspiring estuaries, all found along our 50 miles of fantastic coastline. Take time to look for a wealth of wildlife – from wading birds by the thousands to grey and common seals bobbing in the waves, and even the occasional humpback whale!

 If beachcombing is your thing you can spend hours leisurely exploring our varied shoreline, the sound of fabulous seabirds adding to your experience. Winter weather needn’t be a problem, soak up atmospheric surging storms and wonder at beautiful winter sunrises, take in the many hues of the North Sea as the weather changes – four seasons in a day may well be true.

After all that fresh air, take time to enjoy a well-deserved comfort stop in one of our many cosy, coastal eateries.  Serving up the local seafood treats Angus is well known for, your coastal experience will continue as you savour fresh produce that is unrivalled.

Head to the glittering, wild hills and glens

Are snow-capped peaks and moors or winter woodlands how you picture a Scottish winter? If so, head into the Angus Glens, the very accessible southern range of the Cairngorm Mountains. Take as long as you need to explore Scotland’s second National Park and its hinterlands, stretching back towards the exhilarating coast. An abundance of iconic Scottish species including golden eagle, red deer, red squirrel and the Scottish wildcat call the Glens’ home. Elusive species such pine marten and red kite are increasing in numbers in Angus and add to the exciting kinds of wildlife you may see signs of.

Could you be an animal detective?

Of course, winter is time for cosying up, staying warm and looking forward to the warmer spring days ahead. Our amazing native wildlife may just share that view too!  Winter is a great time to look for the signs of these elusive animals. How are your wildlife tracking skills? Take some time to look out for the trails that animals make, badgers leave amazing, meandering paths as they criss cross our woodlands. Why not brush up on your animal print ID skills – was that dainty little foot print in the snow a pine marten, and otter or an elusive wildcat? If you’re really brave you could also test your knowledge of animal scat (or poo to me and you)…maybe leave that one to the dedicated tracker!

Breath taking surprises around every corner

All that said, some of our wildlife like to put on a show –  late winter is a  great time  to watch some of our most spectacular upland birds including the raven and golden eagle display, as they prepare to breed. No matter what you come across in your travels, the thrill will surely be in exploring our beautiful countryside, taking in all the sights and sounds.

Don’t forget the city dwellers

Of course the beautiful villages and towns of Angus that nestle amongst this attractive landscape are home to amazing wildlife like peregrine falcons, red squirrels, otters and even Eurasian beavers. Beaver signs are relatively easy to spot if you know where to look – keep your eyes peeled around Forfar Loch in particular. Explore the town path and cycle networks; they may just take you on mini wildlife adventures and lure you out into the wider winter countryside. The beauty of winter wildlife watching is that before long, everything will change just like the season, and all of your favourite spots and the unexplored, will always have something new to offer. Go on, get on your winter warmers and get out and explore.