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WW1 Angus Heritage Trail

Every parish in Angus has at least one memorial to the servicemen and women who fell during the Great War. Memorials were created by communities, schools and churches, amongst others. Some are on public view whilst others are behind closed doors.

It took a few years for grieving and war weary communities to decide upon an appropriate memorial, raise funds and gather names for inclusion. Some towns ran design competitions for their memorials; others found it difficult to agree on the site for such an important venture. A number debated whether a memorial was appropriate and suggested a centre for ex-servicemen might be a better choice.

Memorials were funded by public subscriptions, usually organised by a committee of administrative and social leaders of local society. They steered the project to completion, from collecting the names to appear on a memorial to the unveiling ceremony.

The Angus World War I Trail highlights the main war memorials in Angus. However, many communities such as schools and churches also raised their own memorials and the details of these and others can be found here.

View the war memorials throughout Angus:

The war memorials information has been provided by Angus Archives.